Jen,  Age 51, San Francisco Bay Area

It's hard to emphasize how motivating it was to look at my life through the lens of possibility rather than filtering it for problems to solve. From our first session, Reggie focused my thoughts on what I did well and where I wanted to be. On both a personal and professional level, she helped me see the strengths and successes of my life, and together we created a road map forward and out of the places I had been stuck emotionally. Each week we fine tuned the plan (life is always changing), and she supported me and encouraged my every step forward.  


Rick and Gail,  AGE 42, New York

My wife and I had reached a 24x7 "all hands on deck" mode. We had a newborn, I was in between jobs, and every day the stress seemed to build to what felt a breaking point for us. Working with Reggie was like taking a long deep breath. Our sessions together gave my wife and me the time and direction to remember what had brought us together in the first place. We created a mission statement for our family that captured our core values and guides us through the day-to-day.


Diane,  AGE 48, Toronto

My teenage daughter was driving me to the brink. When I started working with Reggie, I unloaded every way my daughter was making me insane. Reggie took it all in and then asked me to tell her the things about my daughter that I was grateful for. My first answer was "when she leaves for school." But Reggie quickly guided me to the point where I could detail all of the blessings she brought to me, herself, and the entire family. Through that lens, our entire family dynamic shifted in an amazingly positive way. 


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